Who Are we?

meet "THE FIERS"


  • Crazy Russian
  • Immigrated to the US at 20 y.o. with $257
  • Knows and loves dermatology and patient care
  • Fails daily as a mother


  • Crazy Persian
  • Immigrated to the US at 23 y.o. with $100
  • Knows and loves cars and sales
  • Awesome father and perfect husband

why another financial independence blog?

Awesome question! After all, there are literally hundreds of other bloggers writing about the FIRE movement that are WAY smarter than us.

  • You will get a unique perspective from the first generation immigrants.
  • We are “gutsy experimentalists” – will use all the “FIRE tricks” for your education or entertainment.
  • Random info you won’t find anywhere like how to raise a polyglot, make a perfect Persian rice and spot a pre-cancerous spot (yeah, in that order!)

our goals for 2019

We discovered  FIRE (Financial Indpenendence Retire Early) late fall 2018. Since that we have been on fire (pun intended) towards our goal to save $1,200,000. This should be interesting since we are deep in ….ahem! student loan debt.

  • Complete debt elimination
  • Open VTSAX
  • Get to $100,000 networth