Current Debt***Doesn't include mortgage
Total Investment
$58,567 5%


Total Investment goal: 1,200,000. HECK YEAH!

If you are new to the FIRE movement, then we are super excited to be the ones explaining how this stuff works! First of all, let’s get a few things straight: 

  1. You can retire before 65.
  2. Math is not that hard.
  3. Anyone can invest.

Ok, now this out of the way, let’s get to the basics..

complete debt elimination


Goals for this year:

  • A complete elimination of the student loan debt! Freedom clock starts this year! 
  • Start Travel Reward Hacking!
  • Purchase first VTSAX
discovered fire


  • “No vacations” year.
  • No more private schools! Our son starts attending an excellent public school. Everyone is happy.
  • In October discover the FIRE movement after reading THIS ARTICLE. Welcome to the Fi Club.

Payments made: $22,072.34*

Balance: $126,024.69

*payments made using commissions, holiday bonuses and savings

Payments made: $1,840.35*

Balance: $114,024.96

“Lean quarter” – minimum payments only. Saving money to pay off Emergency Debt ($23,000)

Payments made: $9,848.84

Balance: $113,944,59

Blah..running low on motivation

Payments made: $27,859.57

Balance: $79,466.47

Discovered FIRE! Everything – bonuses, savings go towards the debt!

The beginning


  • Discover Dave Ramsey; begin Financial Peace University in February.
  • Start budgeting using a free EveryDollar app.
  • Pay off all consumer cards and medical bills.
  • Old habits still linger – our son attends private school, we take a family vacation and purchase a brand new piano. 
  • Total “damage” from unnecessary expenses in 2017 is: $28,500.


Medical and Consumer Debt: $25,394

Student Loan Debt: $148,146

Medical and Consumer Debt: $0

Student Loan Debt: $126,024