FU MONEY – your Jedi power against a nasty boss.

So it finally happened, Fatherfier got to use his FU money powers to tell his boss that she is cheap, unreliable, untrustworthy, and that everyone hates her. Outcome of this conversation? A JOB PROMOTION!!!  Plus a better schedule and a boss who tiptoes around Fatherfier because he had guts to tell her the truth.

FU Money term was coined by beloved J.L. Collins. It means that you have saved enough money to walk away from terrible work/boss/abusive relationship. Ideally, the FU money should cover 1-3 years of your yearly expenses. Our situation was a bit different since we have been living on one paycheck since early 2017 (and using the other one to pay off the ridiculous student loan debt). In addition we had enough cash saved to live worry free for 3 months.

The conditions at Fatherfier’s workplace have been deteriorating for a while. People were moving to different companies, and no replacement was hired. Superhero Fatherfier was now carrying the load of four employees and this extra baggage has started affecting his health and confidence. I desperately watched my previously happy husband turn into a ghost. One eventful Saturday night as he dragged his feet into our kitchen at 11am I knew it was time to pull that FU money card out.

My rationale was 100% selfish – I didn’t want the Fatherfier to die young and leave me with 2 little Fiers by myself. An all employee text was sent the same night: “I am no longer interested in being part of this company, please start looking for a replacement. I am done.” Within seconds Fatherfier’s phone was blowing (that is after 11pm on Saturday night). First one was “Ms.Evil” – AKA “The Nasty Boss,” then other team members.

The news spread like a wildfire and his cellphone kept ringing throughout the entire weekend. Long story short, the company begged him for an early Monday face-to-face meeting with Ms. Evil where she profusely apologized for overworking him, gave him long awaited promotion and cut his hours. All this happened because of two magical words – FU MONEY.

Why was this such a big deal? The confidence and the advantage you get from having FU money is incredible. You are no longer a slave to the system that completely lacks humanity and continues abusing you just because you have bills to pay. Fatherfier waltzed into Ms. Evil’s office in his cowboy boots and purged everything that was on his mind for the past year. How I wish to be a fly on the wall just to observe this massacre! It was brutal. Not only Ms. Evil learned that “her people” hate her, but that everyone is aware that she is trimming company’s expenses (like employee’s salaries) to fatten her own (over $100,000 a month!) paycheck.

“You need me more than I need you. I’ll have a similar job by lunchtime,” said the Fatherfier and started walking towards the door. Ms. Evil was literally on her knees begging him to stop. Fatherfier stayed.  Not because of the promotion, or better hours; he stayed for his teammates. Because Fatherfier has a heart, and cojones that have now enlarged to the size of Texas after this incredible experience.

I am in no way advising you to flip a middle finger to your boss. But having FU money will give you confidence to stand up for yourself as a normal human being. No more a slave!

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2 thoughts on “FU MONEY – your Jedi power against a nasty boss.”

  1. You nailed the key, at least for me. Once you have collected a pile of FU money, the entire way you look at work changes. Suddenly, you realize that bs isn t worth putting up with just for the sake of the job. You quickly determine that either the fun parts of work are worth the occasional druge of every job, or you pull the trigger and depart, without the worry that you and your family will be out on the street. I think this makes you much more difficult to be managed in the corporate sense, and provides both the right and really the responsibility to no longer just tow the line because you need the job . You don t necessarily have to have reached FI in order to do this, because assuming you didn t suck at your job, chances are you ll find something else somewhere else and perhaps enjoy it a lot more. In my case, that meant working for myself, consulting with people I like who value me, and spending less time but more effort making my customers happy too!

    1. Thank you for your comment FW! Yes, FU money (though it doesn’t have to be much) gives you a right to be a human being again, to voice your opinion, to defend yourself and to sleep better at night.
      Everyone should have some FU money – it’s very healthy! 🙂

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