Student Loan Debt SUCKS!

SLD (Student loan debt) is no joke. It is an awful place to be. It is suffocating. It robs you of your freedom, choices, living a normal life. And then there is a feeling of guilt and shame. After all, no one forced you to borrow all this money! Big part of why I started journaling was to share my frustrations, impatience, and loathing towards SLD. Here is my story:

I was lucky to get my Bachelor’s degree for free. My PA school was a disaster. I took EVERY SINGLE LOAN that was offered to me. Yes, it was much more than I needed, but I borrowed it anyways. The school I was accepted to was 350 miles away from my home. Instead of reapplying next year to attend the university in the same city, I chose to rent and travel instead. Though I shared an apartment with a roommate, my monthly housing cost was still over $1,200. Hubby took care of our house, bills, and our 3-year old son. I drove home every weekend (5-hour drive one way). Two and half years later I was $148,000 in student loan debt!


Yes, I received a fantastic education and ended up in a field I love, but the burden and guilt I feel on a daily basis is heavy. I brought this monster into our family. If you are in deep SLD, I feel your pain…It is an awful place to be. What helps me tremendously is reading stories of others dealing with similar situation. STUDENT DEBT CRISIS is a fantastic website where you can find personal SLD stories that will move you to tears.


You are not alone. FORGIVE yourself. If you are angry, use this emotion towards paying off SLD. Get to know your enemy; attack it with vengeance. Use this as an opportunity to learn; you will come out of this situation stronger and wiser. YOU CAN DO IT!


If you need a platform where you can rant about your student loan debt; you found your place.

I hate student debt as much as you do!


What is your SLD story?

Much love, 



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